Park-a-Day, Sad Trombone

Here’s what’s happening - in 2021, two operators (N5HA, Kenneth Bailey & W9AV, Clint Sprott) managed to work at least 1 park every UTC day. My goal for 2022 is to do the same, and to try and write a short post about the day’s first contact. If you want to play along, feel free - I’ll be sharing updates about it during the monthly POTA updates that I prepare for the various ham radio media outlets.

now that you’re in the know about the Baily-Sprott Challenge, here’s the scoop for today:

Bailey-Sprott Challenge Update


Today was the day that did me in :-( Those following along, and some folx I talk to IRL know that there have been some days where I only made one contact, and ended up sweating it until I saw their log post. Today was one of those days. I made a contact, but I made only 1, and it looks like the activator must have busted my call, because while their log posted, I wasn’t in it. Queue the sad trombone.

I won’t call that person out, because I don’t want to make anyone feel bad - this is all just for fun after all! The good news is, I’m still plowing ahead trying to at least get 1 park in my own personal log every day. Since it will no longer be ‘official’ however, I’ll just give my own personal numbers below every so often, instead of tyring to write a post for every day.

In other news, I’ve got a handful of other projects in flight, so I’ll catch my breath a little from these daily posts, and then will start sharing some more about these other projects that I’ve had going on:

N3VEM Radio Rocket

I’m in the process of building a model rocket with an electronics package to do some telemetry via APRS, and some telmentry and potential messaging via LoRa, during a short rocket flight. If you follow me on twitter (@n3vem) or on mastodon ( you’ve already seen some posts with pictures etc. In addition to some posts, I’ll try to get some static pages on that project posted here as make more progress.

N3VEM Repeater

My repeater is finally offically coordinated. I’ll share some more details around that in some future posts as well. The repeater info is located here in case you want to check it out in the meantime. I’ve got it connected to allstar node 56001, so if you’ve got an allstar node, or are in range of a reapter with one, feel free to connect and say hi!

Bailey-Sprott Challenge Offical Status: 121 for 122